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Your role as leader charges you to: constantly self-manage, set the aim, improve business results, build and empower teams, and develop your agility to respond to increasingly more complex issues. You have enjoyed successes along the way and you want to continue contributing to the organization’s greater good in the face of huge changes in your company, the industry as a whole, and the marketplace. Focus on sustainable success is what our one-on-one coaching is all about.


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Our coaching examines the mindset and presence a leader needs to effectively navigate complexity in ever-shifting business situations. It focuses attention on core skills demanded of every leader — holding pivotal conversations, building and leading high-impact teams, and leading organizational change.

Following a defined process (definition, demonstration, discussion and doing), which we have perfected over nearly two decades of organizational coaching, we help hesitant-if-willing leaders enhance how they lead while improving business results.

With increased awareness, the leaders often become more innovative in building and sustaining alignment among team members, and between the team and other groups/departments and their counterparts. They recognize the need for a well-communicated vision or plan and prepare to stretch themselves in order to stretch others. Inevitably, they become more resilient and model this resilience to their teams, encouraging them to roll with the punches dealt by changes in the organization.


Leadership Team Coaching

You made prodigious leaps forward through your own coaching. Now you want to cascade those benefits to your team and get everyone on the same page. We meet with you and your team in a workshop environment to: develop deep appreciation for the “collective potential,” encourage new perspectives, and redesign the alliance, as needed, to reach your shared objectives.

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Our leadership team coaching involves everyone in developing greater agility for dealing with peers and stakeholders; for identifying issues and creating collaborative solutions; for context-setting so their people know the landscape, direction and scope of objectives and expectations; and for leading oneself.

“Coach” is a role leaders often play in managing their people for improved business results. In this role, the leader must demonstrate belief in the employee’s potential and remain intent on bringing out the best in the person, encouraging that person to stretch, grow and learn from her mistakes. Peer coaching within the leadership team gives each leader the chance to practice and obtain just-in-time feedback on his or her approach.

Incorporating a coach-approach into one’s existing leadership style repertoire can be challenging in the best of times. It is especially challenging when the leader is trying to accelerate his people’s adjustment to changing circumstances.  Feedback gleaned from our clients says that return on effort far exceeds their expectations.

Executive-As-Coach Skill Transfer

Experience it, model it, and pass it on. Add the coaching arrow to your leadership quiver. Adjust your mindset from warning to wooing people to attain their top performance. One result of our coaching is the addition of coaching skills to your portfolio. Build your and the team’s capacity to coach others.

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Alessandra Hawthorne, Chief Compliance Officer – North America Boehringer Ingelheim

"When I was tapped for my role in the C-suite, I knew I wanted a champion in my corner, one who would help me leverage my strengths and build my value proposition. Meryl is that champion."
Alessandra Hawthorne
Chief Compliance Officer – North AmericaBoehringer Ingelheim
Jolie Frank, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson WHEN I ENTERED

"When I entered into executive coaching with Meryl, I was at a crossroads in my career. What was my (then) current leadership style and abilities? Where should I direct my untapped leadership potential? Initially, I thought that addressing and answering those two questions would be enough of an outcome to satisfy me. Instead, I got much more value than I anticipated from the process, both personally and professionally."
Jolie Frank
Director, Talent & RewardsWillis Towers Watson
Jonathan Rosner, VP – Product and Interactive Development, American Express

"My coaching with Meryl first produced a bunch of insights for me to act on, in terms of how I communicate, how I lead a team, and how I react to organizational change. Then Meryl asked me to shift away from being the expert, directing all the players, to building full engagement with my team and our stakeholders. With her help, I’ve developed my empathy muscle and a level of curiosity about others’ ideas and perceptions, changes which have immeasurably impacted the quality of my leadership value proposition."
Jonathan Rosner
VP – Product and Interactive DevelopmentAmerican Express
Jolie Frank, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson THROUGH MERYL’S COACHING

"Through Meryl’s coaching, my leadership style "portfolio" expanded to include an array of approaches to supplement my default style. The way I lead teams changed, from primarily driving people toward a goal to being more engaging and collaborative and more trusting of their abilities to deliver quality."
Jolie Frank
Director, Talent & RewardsWillis Towers Watson
Joseph Saoud, President – Cummins Filtration Business, a division of Cummins Inc.

"After collecting feedback from my stakeholders and my team, Meryl helped me rethink how I communicate and how I could balance my attention between improving business results and building successful relationships. She stretched me to try on different ways of relating and yet at the same time to be myself. She coached me with my team on thinking styles, communication styles, and giving feedback, so the team could see what I was working on and learn with me. I like the changes that I/we have made and so far, I’ve/we’ve sustained them!"
Joseph Saoud
PresidentCummins Filtration Business, a division of Cummins Inc.
Alessandra Hawthorne, Chief Compliance Officer – North America, Boehringer Ingelheim

"Meryl worked with me as I was emerging as a leader, focusing my attention on enhancing communications, as well as influencing and impacting peers before I had a team reporting to me. What I learned in that early phase of my journey about pivotal conversations, getting and giving feedback, teaming, setting the aim, emotional intelligence and much more, with Meryl as my thought partner, has sustained me through several promotions."
Alessandra Hawthorne
Chief Compliance Officer – North AmericaBoehringer Ingelheim
Jolie Frank, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson I LEARNED THROUGH
"I learned through Meryl’s assessments and coaching that people greatly valued my contributions to the firm, saw through my style to who I was (my values, beliefs, and passion), and what I could do differently on all leadership fronts to more fully understand and resolve differences with my stakeholders. "
Jolie Frank
Director, Talent & RewardsWillis Towers Watson

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